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The Education Industry Foundation (EIF), incorporated as a 501(C) (3) for educational purposes. The EIF is an important vehicle for receiving certain grants and engaging in activities that support the educational purposes of the education industry.

The Education Industry Foundation (EIF), an independent 501 (c) (3) organization, was established in 2002 to support for the role of private enterprise in PreK-12 education. In doing so, the EIF promotes industry research, knowledge dissemination and professional development/education initiatives. The EIF raises seed capital from individuals and restricted grants and serves as a catalyst for supporting the Education Industry Association's  Private Ventures for the Public Good Campaign.

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Private Ventures for the Public Good: A Campaign to Change Conversation, Opinions and Opportunities

EIA and the EIF are carrying out a long-term comprehensive advocacy, research, professional development and communications campaign that aims to create a fairer and more open market in which the private sector may compete on equal footing with public school districts and non-profit organizations to provide solutions to teaching and learning in PreK-12 education. 

If the campaign is successful, no longer will the "for-profit" moniker routinely precede descriptions of education companies, and consumers of publically funded education will have real options in selecting from among diverse providers of high-quality services and products.

In addition, the campaign will  provide the framework for individual education entrepreneurs and corporate executives, together with public school leaders and academics, to work together to promote effective models for transforming teaching and learning.

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