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The John Hopkins School of Education, with EIA, announced a strategic collaboration to create a “Joint Center for Education Innovation and Entrepreneurship,” facilitate relationships between EIA member companies and the School, integrate commercial programs, products and concepts more deeply into the education sector, and create joint research and education programs.

As part of the collaboration with EIA, the SOE is committed to assisting EIA-members expand the body of evidence on the effectiveness of their services and products. EIA members will be recognized for their commitment to such studies and the staff of CRRE will work with industry to design studies that are scientifically rigorous, affordable, and consistent with the company's objectives. As such, EIA members will be prioritized for consideration by CRRE.

 “We strongly believe that our School must develop new programs and partnerships with all components of the education sector in order to achieve our vision of realigning our profession and advancing education reform nationwide,” said JHU School of Education Dean David W. Andrews.  “Forming this strategic partnership with EIA will help the private enterprise and not-for-profit education sectors learn from each other, and better enable us to work together for the betterment of all aspects of education.

To learn how JHU may design a study that meets your budget and needs for rigor, please contact Dr. Steven M. Ross, Professor and Evaluation Director, CRRE,  (410) 616-2407 and


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