Resources for Parents

Sometimes our children need the extra academic support of a professional tutor. Whether the goal is to get better grades in school, prepare for college, or tackle more challenging skills, do you know the best way to identify your child’s needs, find the appropriate tutor, and monitor this service to ensure your goals are met?

EIA has prepared a guide for you : the parent who wants to support their child’s academic development and alleviate the struggles and challenges students face from their peers, teachers, and, even perhaps you.

Here are a few tips that you should consider in matching a tutor with your child.

Tutor Selection Process at a Glance

  1. Determine the need for a tutor.

  2. Begin to search for several tutors to interview.

  3. Pre-screen each tutor over the phone (don’t forget to ask if they belong to the EIA); schedule in-person interviews for the tutors you feel may be a good match.

  4. Interview, in person, each tutor. Don’t forget to include your child!

  5. After identifying the tutor who best meets your child’s needs discuss contract issues, payment, and other logistical issues. Don’t be afraid to ask any and all questions on your mind. This is the time!

  6. Agree to enter a tutoring relationship.

  7. Begin the tutoring.

  8. Monitor the progress. Discuss any on-going issues with the tutor.

  9. Watch those positive results!

Questions to Ask a Potential Tutor

  1. How many years have you been a tutor?

  2. What are your qualifications?

  3. Can you provide references?

  4. What assessments do you conduct?

  5. What supplies and materials do you provide? What will my child need to provide?

  6. Will you provide private tutoring?

  7. What is the cost?

  8. Are there hidden fees?

  9. Will I have a contract?

  10. How can I get out of the contract?

  11. How will you know what my child’s needs are?

  12. Do you have a particular teaching philosophy?

  13. How will you communicate with me?