EIA members large and small, new and established, value EIA and its benefits to them, their businesses, and education:

"EIA membership is more than attending conferences.  The organization provides me with cutting edge information on our industry.  And whenever I need advice, I have a pool of education entrepreneur experts I can call or email for advice.  Each member is always more than willing to share past success and failures.  Together we bring professionalism to our services." 
Jim Giovannini, Owner, Academic Tutoring Centers, IL

"Education entrepreneurs provide invaluable innovation, research and development that benefit schools and children. Avenues is an active member of the Education Industry Association, the organization where education entrepreneurs connect to identify industry trends, share best practices, set standards, and hold each other to the highest level of accountability."
Chris Whittle, Founder, Edison Schools and  The Avenues, Inc., New York

"I have been a member of EIA since 1998 and I plan to be a member as long as I own my education business. My membership is one of the most valuable resources I have for my business. To know that I can call or email another member at any time and make a connection is tremendously comforting and beneficial." Beverly Stewart, Owner, Back to Basics Learning Dynamics, DE

"High standards and accountability are critical to raising student achievement in Maryland. Our State Department of Education has chosen  to adopt the pioneering work of the Education Industry Association's code of ethics for tutoring providers. This is but one example of the many benefits of engaging in public-private partnerships to improve teaching and learning."
Dr. Nancy Grasmick, former Superintendent, Maryland State Department of Education

"Since joining EIA I have had a “team” of friends and associates who truly are colleagues in every sense of the word. As a consequence of being involved in EIA, I have learned a tremendous amount that has contributed to the growth of health of my business."  Daniel Ascher, M.Ed., President, A+ Test Prep and Tutoring, PA

"There is NO OTHER organization which represents companies working in PreK-12 like the EIA. Being a member keeps you tuned into current trends and legislation which could impact your business and opportunities to partner with other members." Lillian Brienza, Academic Advantage, NY.

Dean David Andrews, JHU School of Education Honored by EIA; Cites Public-Private Partnerships: